GartineWhen I met my friend today he had a belated birthday present for me, finally ;-) It was a book by one of the most famous restaurant critics in Holland, so for today we decided to pick some place from the places he has reviewed. When one place gets a good mark from this critic it’s very good for business. Downside was he had put only three lunch reviews in the book and two of them we already knew, so the choice was simple, Gartine in the Taksteeg. But where is the Taksteeg we both wondered. Well the review said it was close to Spui, so off to Spui we were. After extensive looking and asking two policemen we found the Taksteeg. It’s a small street between Kalverstraat and the Rokin.

The place was worth the search though. Gartine is a small place and luckily there was a place free. We quickly took it and had a look at the menu. A very friendly man, who runs the place with either his wife or his sister we guessed later, came to our table and asked what we wanted to drink. I took the special smoothie with cranberries. We then looked at the food items. Lots of different sandwiches and soup and they also serve breakfast specials and high tea at certain times. On the menu they told that most vegetables and herbs for the menu comes from their own garden, were they grow everything biologically. The eggs they use are also biological from adopted chickens. My friend and me both chose the egg and bacon sandwich.

A little later a very friendly woman (sister? wife?) came with our sandwiches and wished us a pleasant meal. I then noticed the love and dedication the owners have for this place, cause even the cutlery was quite special. And the sandwiches also tasted delicious. When we finished the place had gotten even more busy and they had to turn people away. I guess the result of the good review they had from the critic.

As a dessert we ordered a piece of chocolate cake and a couple of lattes. The cups the coffee came in were also quite special and the coffee tasted good. The cake I was not so crazy about. The chocolate part tasted excellent but the bottom base of the cake had quite a peculiar flavor, so I left that for my friend. We then asked for the bill, which came with a note, which was rolled up like an old scroll, which proclaimed that they would be closed mondays and tuesdays in the new year. But the other days it is a good place to go. ;-)

Gartine is a perfect place to get a nice, biological lunch with excellent, friendly service by people who enjoy serving people their food.

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